Monday, January 25, 2010

Cozy Up

I made it through a week of rain! I (yes, I) had to install and monitor two pumps in the backyard to stop the house from floating away. Luckily the water stayed away from the studio....THAT could have been a REAL PROBLEM! I like my floors, but my fabric, well....need I say more? Ya'll should have seen me running around the yard in the rain. Not a happy camper.... Have I told you how much I hate being rained on? Holding on to an umbrella while schlepping hoses and pumps around the backyard was not an option. At one point, I even fell into a three inch puddle. I laugh now, then, not so much! But I made it through.....I AM a rain warrior. And I did at least have cute boots on, I mean when all else fails, cute shoes are the answer, right?? They are still outside drying in the sun.

Fortunately the sun is back today! Thank you sunshine, I could not take another day of torrential rain like that.

The good thing is that when I was not lugging pumps and hoses I was cozied up in the studio happily sewing away! Cozy was the theme, for sure. A new scrap pile project....girls hoodies. How fun are these? My girls live in hoodies and I get so sick of seeing Roxy and Hollister plastered all over their bodies! These are such a refreshing change. I made a few skirts to go with them for all seasons. Hoodies will be the shop this afternoon, email me if you are interested in the skirts, they have not been photo'd yet.

Stay warm, stay dry, stay creative.


Mand said...

These are TDF!!!! Love them Simone! Sorry you had to battle the rain. I hate it too. :)

Sweet Baby Jamie said...

What a creative idea, I would expect nothing less from you!! The rain boots are lovely, and makes everything better! We had quite a bit of rain here too. I know they say it never rains in CA but really the song should say AZ!!

Nancy said...

These are so cute.