Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fabric Post-it Note Holder Tutorial

I thought I'd share the craft I did with the kids class last week. It's fun, quick, easy and affordable. It's a post it note holder made from those simple and inexpensive acrylic frames. So easy and FUN! Great for last minute hand made gifts.....the frames cost $1.00 and you can use fabric scraps or paper scraps if you have those too! In lieu of that nest tutorial (all those supplies are sitting in the same place they were last weekend-- one of those things I have decided that I will not be trading my sanity for. There are a few things on that list. I'm sorry, something just has to give. ) I give you this.....

Fabric Post-it Note Holder Tutorial

Acrylic 4x6 frame (available at Walmart for $1.00)
Fabric scraps measuring at least 4"x6"
Heat n' bond ultra hold adhesive sheet-- this stuff (you can also use a medium weight iron on interfacing. really anything to give the fabric some structure)
Ribbons, buttons,vintage brooches...anything you'd like to use to add a little pretty!
Post-it Note Pad
Double Sided tape-- I used heavy duty double sided craft tape, but you can easily use the scotch brand double sided you can buy pretty much anywhere.
1. Pre-cut your fabric scrap to be about 5"x7". I like to cut the fabric a bit bigger than the size I need so that if you iron it on to the adhesive sheet a little crooked you can square it off when you re cut it.
2. Cut a piece of Heat n' Bond to approximately the same size as your fabric.
3. Iron the Heat n' Bond to the back of your fabric. Let cool and do not remove the paper backing. This gives your fabric enough structure to easily slide into your frame.
4. Cut the fabric to a size of 4"x6".

5. Slide it into the frame so that the front of the fabric is showing through the front of the frame.

6. Embellish with ribbons, buttons etc. I simply tied a ribbon around the top portion of the frame and then clipped on a vintage earring for one. For the other I hand tacked a few vintage beads. You could even slide a small photo of the kids into the frame.

7. Peel the brown, non adhesive backing from the post-it pad. Add a piece of double sided tape to top back of the post-it pad.

8. Adhere the post-it to the bottom part of the frame. Be sure it is centered.

Find the cutest girl in town to add a little Christmas fun and wa-la, you are finished!
The fabrics are Paula's and Jennifer's if you are wondering! And when I did this with the kids we used paper and school photos, very cute! Are you going to make some of these? I'd love to see how they turn out!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The stockings were hung

in the garden with care, in hopes that St. Nick soon would be there. Hurry, Santa, Hurry!

It's that time of year where my sanity seems to hang in the balance! It usually starts with Halloween, then Miss O's birthday, Thanksgiving, and then the holidays are in full swing. I, of course, volunteer myself to be the girls room mom every year so this also mean class parties with crafts (and I just can't bring myself to order foam craft kits!) the last two days of school before break and then Miss A is a December baby so throw an additional birthday party in there. All this finishes on the 20th and there I am 5 days until Christmas and I am pooped! Whew!!
After two good nights of sleep and a package of deliciousness from Fabritoptia I am feeling a bit more back to myself. (If you have not ordered any of Anna Maria's voile's or Swiss dots yet, YOU MUST! They are amazing to the touch and the colors, well, they are TDF!) I am itching to get into the studio as this is the only time of year I allow myself to sew for me and my family without any pressure to sew for the shop. I am going to be making tunics and ties and dance bags and all sorts! Can't wait! I just bought the Sophie Tunic Pattern from Miss Fantastic, Jennifer Paganelli, and can't wait to get to work on a few tunics for the girls. By the way, have you seen the sneak peeks of Jennifer's new line?

Can't wait for that! Look at that red! She sure does know how to do colors! She is doing a giveaway for something fabulous on her blog so head on over there and enter!

Will you be getting any quiet sewing-sanity-saving- time during the next few weeks? What will you be making? I'd love to hear all about it!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Wheelbarrow Winter Sale!

It has been raining cats and dawgs here all much so that spray painting was not an option-- so I do not yet have a tutorial on the tree nest to post. Soon, I promise. Believe me I am dying to get it done. It's the only thing left to do as far as holiday decorating goes and I just want it all done at this point.
In lieu of a tutorial, I have decided to give you something else! It's the first Gardenhouse Wheelbarrow Winter sale!
The whole busshel and peck is on sale! 20% off for all my dedicated blog readers. Go thru the standard purchase in the shop and put "Wheelbarrow 20" in the notes to seller. Do not pay.... I'll send you and adjusted invoice reflecting your discount. Now thru Friday....hurry, hurry! Happy shopping!



Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dashing Through The Snow.

Well, it's not snowing, but it is raining like mad-- and I did just do the dash from door to car and then car to door in shoes not meant for dashing-- or for rain.
If you are dashing through the snow, you should do it in style with one of these to keep you warm....
There are loads of them in the shop.
And something to tuck your gloves into....

Loads of them in the shop right now too- a few faves from the year and some new styles too.
And better shoes for dashing thru the rain or these.

Have to run!

ps- I have gathered all the goods for my tree top nest and will be making it on Saturday (weather permitting spray painting) Be on the look out for a little tutorial by Sunday.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday offerings

We had a weekend full of Christmas around here...which is great because I am now in the mood! The tree is up and resting, ready to be adorned tonight. I LOVE decorating our tree-- it signals the start of the holiday madness that is so exhaustively enjoyable! Did you guys see this on the Anthro site??? LOVE!! But can't swing that price so I'm going top make my own tree topper nest. I'll post a step by step one I get it in process. And speaking of trees....need something to put under yours? Bucket bags, clutches and hats will be listed in the shop by this afternoon.

Happy shopping!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hats off.

I have had the best time this week sewing up a storm. Among the loads and loads of clutches and bucket bags (which will be loaded into the shop this weekend) I have also been indulging in hats.

Knit hats, with lots of fun, little pretties on them! I tell you I am obsessed with making these little suckers. I made over a dozen of them!! Imagine my brain just roaming the studio-- stacks of vintage velvet, buttons, wool swatches...all sorts of eye candy to use as embellishment! I just couldn't get enough! It's lumberjack chic taken to a whole new level. Let's pair one up with this jacket....
and this top.......

Or a lush velvet jacket-- like this. Let's throw in some boyfriend jeans and funky ankle boot (with a touch of mountain in it) and we're ready for a night out...a cold winter night out...maybe a party at Ralph's Telluride Lodge??

Maybe a blue velvet blazer with a red and black plaid shirt (you know, the ones all over the Gap's front page) I seem to really be into the contrast of rugged and sleek lately....go figure when vintage and modern are my go to! I love that that passive aggressive? ha ha ha!

And speaking of hats...hat's off to my favorite person behind a camera lens! Here are a few shots of of family photo shoot that Shannon did while our family was in town..

She always posts a sneak peek on her blog, our full gallery will be ready soon and I CANNOT WAIT. She really is a genius. Some people are just meant to do what they know what I mean.... Shannon is meant to take pictures. It is IN her. You can see the rest of her blog post on our family here....please, try not to drool over my gorgeous nieces (even the one who stays up late coloring the pillowcases! She is so darn cute and I'd say she is my favorite, but I just couldn't get enough of either of them!)
Hat's off to family.