Sunday, October 25, 2009


Time is limited this week as I am busy planning and packing for the trip I cannot stop thinking apparently my focus will be limited too. And these pumpkins are also limited.

They are a blast to make, sitting with needle and thread and just letting my creativity flow, they are loaded with vintage velvet millinery leaves {which I have been hoarding for a while!} vintage Czech glass buttons, beads, and even a few vintage jewelry pieces...LOVE! They are also rather time consuming as everything is attached by hand sewing, so these are the only two I will be making and listing. If you want one, hurry on over to the shop before they are gone!!

Now where was I?? {See,limited focus} Ah, yes. Paris, Goyard, planning, packing, and um..sewing.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stop & Smell the Roses.

I love my garden. It's one of those things that just makes me happy. It's the smell of fully blooming roses and the natural colors and the shapes, and watching plants come and go depending on the season, it's like getting a visit from an old friend. It's also the fabulous smell of a vase of fresh cut garden roses-- it smells very different from the ones from the florist , which I personally don't think smell at all!. Doesn't a garden make everyone happy? As you probably read in my previous post, I was having a bit of a rough time with some tree trimming {and "trimming" might be an understatement, but whatever!} But I have decided to look on the bright side....

My roses are going through their fall bloom-a-thon! I cut these yesterday and am just loving having a big vase of fresh cut flowers on the table. So, yes, a little redemption, the tree was cut, but the roses were left unscathed! Smart men pick their battles wisely!

I have been busy busy in the Gardenhouse..see that garden is just everywhere! Working on a few new clutches as well as a few more bucket bags. So a photo of a new bag.... in the garden...of course!! I had some samples of the most incredible hand over dyed wool that I got from quilt market last spring. I have been dying to use them, just waiting for a hint of fall. I'm in love!! I SO want to keep this bag {It's Paris-worthy!} but will be listing it in the shop.
More from the garden soon.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Big & Little

I made it through, and enjoyed, the weekend camping with 15 8 year old girls! That's big! Only to return home to this....a tree that was big, is now little.

This tree used to hang over our grass, weeping down with tiny blossoms that the bees loved..... so much so that you could literally hear them buzzing around the tree if you were sitting 20 feet away. Sorry bee's no more blossom here! The hubby does this about every other year and I don't why I take it personally, but I do. I am a more is more kinda' gal, I am also 100% British so when it comes to the garden, wild rambling English garden is in my blood. And I just think there is a way to trim a tree without butchering it. We do have a professional tree trimmer that comes every 18 or so months and he has even said that this is not good for the tree, but to no avail-- selective memory seems to work the same as selective hearing...who knew? I'm female, so certainly not me! So this has left me in a bit of a funk...and thinking I should counteract that minimizing with some maximizing. So a big bag it is.

This is one of my new shapes. I had a customer say she wanted a bucket shape so here is my take. A gathered bucket bag. I am loving the rust colored velvet ribbon, it really works with the rosy pink.

It's big and doesn't have selective memory...or selective hearing. A perfect replacement{no, not for the tree!} I think I'll use it to hide all the garden trimming tools in. Feeling better already! {Thanks for listening}


Thursday, October 15, 2009


Lots to love this week. Let's start with the obvious...a new clutch.

Don't you think this will be perfect for camping?? I mean, the grey and red flannel should fit right in, no? Vintage coleman chic! Ha! Funny where I get my inspiration from. I'll list it in the shop later this evening.

Next, well fabric of course! Amy Butler has done it again! A new line called LOVE!
And I DO love! It really is the perfect name for a fabric line. I just ordered myself some Love, and I am now waiting for a package of Love in the post! I saw a few peeks of her booth from fall quilt market on flickr and I can't wait to see more. Amy said they'll be posting pics on her site soon. I can hardly wait!

And lastly, my new favorite things in the world....

Vintage porcelain quail. We have a very large bevy of quail living in our backyard {yes, it's a bevy not a flock, just it like I did} that i have become rather attached to. they spend their days running around our hill singing to one another and foraging for seeds, looking all graceful and beautiful. There is something about the curve of their body and that plume on their head that I just love. So anyway, you can imagine i just about jumped out of my skin when I found these at an antiques store last weekend. Had to have them, and can't stop looking at them! Love them!

Hope you are finding love too!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Yesterday when I picked the kids up the car ended up being twice as full as when they left. My dad is a fantastic carpenter, only by hobby, last year he made the girls a gorgeous playhouse...I'll have to post pics of that sometime. Anyway this time he made the girls American Girl Doll beds. Ya' know how much doll beds from American Girl cost? It is pure insanity--so when the girls asked for them, I told them to email a photo to Papa and I am sure he could make each of them one. Sure enough, he had them waiting when they arrived. and spent some of their time up there painting them and making bedding. How fun! I wish I had some great pics to post of them, but the ones I took are terrible and alas, it is dark, so hopefully tomorrow. Gosh, all this fun chatter and no pics! What sort of blog is this anyway?? Sorry. Another addition to the car were these...

My mom has a garden like nothing you have ever seen. I have no idea what she does to get things to grow like this!! Seriously, have you ever seen a Zucchini of this size? I was talking to her today and she asked "Have you decided what you are going to make with that zucchini?" I told her I was just going to stick it under the bed in case we ever have an intruder, I'll have something to knock him out with. It is insane!! And her tomatoes are of course delish and overly abundant! So jealous!
So that is the bounty that arrived home with the girls. Along with a bounty of noise and energy! Yeah! And I am sure you are all wondering about the bounty I had offered up?? That fabulous fall pumpkin giveaway? Well, congrats Miss Mande!! You're the lucky gal! I had to resort to printing all comments out as I wasn't sure how to fairly generate numbers for those of you who got double your comments got printed twice, they all got thrown into a hat and Miss A picked the lucky winner! So, Mande shoot me your address and I'll get your pumpkin on it's way! To all the other lovely ladies....thanks for all of your sweet comments and fabulous fall commentary...especially you Miss Tracey who has fond memories of skipping college classes and running amok in a roomies Jeep! I seem to have similar ones! I really had a great time with this! I'll be doing another give away after my upcoming trip so stay tuned.

So the girls are home and I am enjoying every minute of noise. Bring it on! I should be just about over this phase by the time myself and a few other volunteers take a group of girls (15 of them) camping next weekend. Yes. me.camping. Whatever you are thinking, it is correct. I am not the best camper in the world, but this group of girls is pretty great so I'll survive. My list....Chic boots, check. Numerous hats and cute comfy sweaters to match check. Down comforter and three pillows,check. Friends wondering how the hell I will get through it, check! Whateva'! I think I"ll be just fine, I mean how bad can it be, right??

That doesn't look too bad......Shouldn't be too much to ask of the Girl Scouts, right? And this...perfect little outdoor dining spot.

Don't laugh.
I'll be ready for a good glass of cab come Sunday afternoon when we return home!
Alright, that's enough entertainment for one night!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello. Goodbye.

Yep, you like that witty title? For some reason I am at a loss for words today. It is a rarity {my husband will vouch for that!} I think with the girls gone it has been so quiet around here that my brain has gone into some sort of pastoral hibernation mode....and funny enough, I think my ears are in overdrive as I am hearing sounds in nature that I have not heard before. As most of you know, my studio is a guest house just across our garden. I have had the big french doors open and have had no music or anything on, just listening to the sounds of the yard {and the sewing machine!} I am feeling really centered and at peace and I'm not complaining about it but I think I thrive in the hustle and bustle of it all-- luckily the girls will be back tomorrow to throw some chaos back into the mix...I wouldn't want to lose my moxie!

So this is what I have been working on.....
Hats! Does this one look familiar? It's a spin off from the Park City clutch. You know all good things have spin offs right? Good.

What do you think about the bow on this one? It's something a little different for me but I LOVE it!

This madness started when Genevieve Gail, fabric and jewelry designer extraordinaire, asked me to make a hat for her booth at quilt market. You can see it here on her blog. Now I have the hat bug. Which I guess is can never wear enough hats ya' know. And they work wonders for bad hair days, running the kids to school, running late, traveling, chilly mornings, sunny days... yep, pretty much everything!

This is all I'll be making for now as I am going to be concentrating on my patterns until they are done---finito! The hats will be listed in my shop tomorrow, with the exception of the one I am wearing in the photo, it's my "pattern maker" hat!

Good riddens bad hair day and bird songs, hello noise and finished patterns!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Giveaway.

You all know that I've been dying for fall, right? Eyeing those suede boots-- the one's calling my name from their spot in my closet. Well it seems that fall has arrived here in SoCal...and it happened almost overnight. Chilly mornings, chilly nights, crisp sunny afternoons. We went to a friends house for football and dinner this evening and I wore those fab suede boots! And long sleeves and leggings...and a WARM SCARF {insert me jumping up and down here!} Um, and we ate chilli! That's right, fall is here. I couldn't be happier so I'm celebrating with a fall giveaway! A fantastic pumpkin made with some of the scraps I had leftover from Miss Paula's new line, Woodland Delight.

I had the best time making the velvet roses and embellishing the top with vintage buttons and velvet millinery leaves. I must say that I am not a huge fan of Halloween decorations, but this year I will be making more of these for my home too. This one might be heading to perfect would it look next to a gorgeous vase of Zinnias? TDF!

So just leave a comment here, about fall or Halloween or whatever you'd like. If you add me to your list of blogs you are following, and you also leave me notice of that in your comments, you'll double your chances! I'll post the winner on Friday. Good luck...and HAPPY FALL!

Woodland Delight.

Where have I been, you ask? Holed up in the studio working on this...
and this....

and this....

Remember that package I spoke of, the one with the gorgeous new fabric in it. Well, this is it, my friend Paula Prass' new line is called Woodland Delight....and it is delightful. The colors are so playful and vibrant and the prints are really versatile. Unfortunately, it is not yet available for purchase but Paula is having a giveaway on her blog so run on over there and leave a comment for some great fabric! I'll also be posting a giveaway on Monday...something made from Woodland Delight. I think you'll all be a bit surprised as to what it is....something you've not seen from me before. Oh and the patterns for the above bags will be available from Paula soon, and the patchwork jumper, I hate to even mention it at this point, will be a pattern that will be available to purchase from me. I'll be doing it in both pdf and paper format....I swear I will. I don't know why it has taken me so long to get this pattern done! I think I should have started with an easier pattern!! But I am getting there.

Sorry about the lack of a cute model for the dress. My two models are on fall break and are spending some time in NorCal with my mom and their woodland delight! The girls just have the best time when they are up there. My parents live on 10 acres of fun! The girls get to indulge in those things all kids should do, those picture perfect childhood activities like swinging on a swing that is tied to an old 30 ft high oak tree branch. It's not like the swings at the park... it's a swooping swing that literally make you feel like you are flying. I bet they're having a great time! And although I miss them, and I can't believe how quiet it is here, I am enjoying the silence and getting lots done, so that's good.