Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Out of the box.

Goodies and inspiration from out of the box....you know, the mailbox. I love it when things like this arrive. Oh how I do love our mail man!

This one will most likely not ever make it to a bag. I LOVE it too much! I have never seen a brooch with depth like this one...it stands about and inch and a half off of the pin back. So fun! Not to worry ladies, it arrived with many others that are also fab and you will be seeing those soon.

The J.Crew catalog always has loads of eye candy. Unexpected pairings seems to be the theme of the newest looks.

Grungy and polished and inspired by the above, the Park City clutch is ready to go out in the mail. It will be listed in the shop soon.

Oh, and something else arrived. A box. Of fabric. {yes, shocking! ha!} The fun of this one is it is new fabric, fabulous-not-yet-for-sale- fabric from one fabulous designer. I'll be shipping some goodies back to her and after she posts about the goodies, I will follow suit.

Stay tuned.



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Do you love?

Do you love this like I love this? You may not have the same love affair as I...

It's my new logo-- done by one graphic genius! Don't you love those people who "get you," get what you want and get it done with minimal effort? I mean, I'm not bragging or anything, but I do have the best graphics guy ever...EVER! I love myself some Neil! And speaking of "I love myself some..." Can we talk about Rachel Zoe and her "I love myself some sequins?" A direct quote from the one and only Rachel Zoe....regarding a vest similar to this......

and she paired it with a $29 polka dot blouse...thank you! I think I'll find one soon along with that $29 polka dot blouse and pack those for France, for a fancy dinner out! Is it silly I'm already planning outfits for Paris? It is just the way my brain functions.
I cannot find the info on any of the exact pieces she wore...although I can remember their images in my head. I am usually so good at finding things on the Internet but I think there is just too much "Rachel Zoe" for google to handle!
I am o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d with Rachel Zoe right now. I know I've said this before, yes, she should eat a bit more and maybe drink a little less coffee BUT-- her sense of style is unparalleled and all that vintage jewelry.... covetable! Did you see the episode that she did a photo shoot for Marie Claire...fashion finds under $250? I am still searching high and low for that brown drape-y maxi dress....anyone?? I have emailed her to find out where to buy ....think I'll hear back?

Now I need to go love myself some fabric and get back to work {I should probably change out of my bathing suit then, don't you think...it's 100 degrees, the kids are in the pool and fall is still not here!} I'll post some new bag photos soon!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In Motion

Seems like everything is in constant motion around here! I have been hit by this realization that the girls are growing up faster than I can believe. Yesterday Miss A had ballet class-- We don't usually get to watch, but once a month they open the curtains so we can see how our girls are dancing. There is something about watching your daughter do pirouettes....it's breathtaking. Watching the concentration on her face as she tries to hold her frame and point her toes. The curves of her little neck literally choked me up...I SO wish I had brought my camera with me. Miss O is also in dance, three classes a week, she is so focused when she is in class it is amazing to me to watch. I am so enjoying them, they are both growing into such gorgeous and well behaved little girls.
With all of this forward motion I thought I'd take comfort in bringing back an older bag design.

So I am addicted to this croc print fabric. It is actually a decor fabric....I have some of it on order in brown to reupholster two chairs in....put that project on my list! Anyway, the pink scroll is from the same line and it too is gorgeous....one of those statement fabrics.

With all this talk about the girls growing and changing I'll refelct a little on all the changes in my life....like how often I change the purse I am carrying! You should see our coat rack by the front door. It's comical, beautifully comical...more bags than you can imagine....because you know, you can't carry the plum bag when you are wearing a green dress. It all has to coordinate perfectly. So-- that thought has lead me to this...a more basic bag. Can you believe it???? I said "basic"... At least in color. This bag has brown, grey, tan and black...that should cover it all. Perfect for fall and easily coordinates with everything! LOVE! Made two of these, one is on said coat rack waiting for my next trip out the door, the other will be in the shop soon.

I had now better motion myself back out to the studio to make some progress on my gazillion projects. I am almost almost done with that patchwork jumper pattern...so close I can taste it. FINALLY!
Gotta run.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lipstick Jungle

I'm heading out with girlfriends tonight and am really tempted to pull this clutch from the shop to take out with me. I love love love it! I could chalk it up to free advertising right?

It's a jungle out there- dress accordingly.

Happy girls night out!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Longing for a Full Bloom

I have been following the lovely Bari J.'s blog for a long time. I met Bari at quilt market in Pittsburgh last spring and just love her. She is adorable-- kind, and sweet, and a really genuine person. Funny enough, I used to live in the same Northern California town as Bari , just up the interstate from where we are now. Well, actually quite a way up the interstate but none the less worth the drive....especially if you are having coffee with Bari! It's a bummer that I didn't know her back then, but it doesn't make her fabric line any less appealing. In Full Bloom is gorgeous, all of the colors are tdf.

Bari's fabric is the gorgeous pink birds and branches print that makes up the main body of the bag. This bag reminds me of Northern California ~which is so green compared to SoCal (we are in complete August dry drought mode-yuck!) It leaves me longing for the lush green landscapes of Northern California and a hint of fall in the air (of which there is neither here in SoCal.-- 90's all week.) We have a pretty large garden with loads of roses. My poor roses go into survival mode when it gets to be August in SoCal. Most of them do not bloom and the ones that do...well the poor flowers usually dry up once they open. I can't wait for my fall full bloom to happen. As much as I am complaining about the hot weather and lack of roses in bloom, I will say this affords me a garden full of roses come in November, gotta look on the bright side, right?

I am usually a warm weather girl, I have always loved the sun-- sun dresses and flip flops are my thing. But I just ordered this sweater from my favorite place on earth and am pining for a day in boots. Maybe because I can't stop thinking about our fall trip to France. That must be it...
One note on this sweater~~ ladies, it is 50% off! I can't believe it!! I feel like the catalog with this in it just arrived like a week ago-- anyway, dash on over there to get one while you can...and maybe head here to pick up a bag to go with it! Like the clutch above.
Time to re-focus on bags and other good fall things (in my sundress and flip flops!)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Is everyone ready for the long weekend that is just around the corner?? I know I am. This weekend is supposed to signal the end of summer....unless you live in Southern California where it is going to be in the low 90's for the next at least three weeks at which point it will drop down in to the gorgeous 80's~~ and there may even be a possibility of eating Thanksgiving dinner outside (no joke, we've done it in the past.) Summer is not over here, not by a long shot! Nor is the festive attitude that comes with it. Despite the ash floating around in the air (the SoCal fires are close enough that my car is covered in ash every morning.) we are going to have a Summer Soiree this weekend. I have reason to celebrate!

Um, did someone say Summer Soiree?? Oh yes ma'am. You know that's the fabric line designed by the most wonderful Paula Prass. I am just in love with this fabric. It's modern, it's vintage, its floral, and the colors are tdf! This is my most recent project with her fabrics.
I love it....REALLY love it!Especially with the belt! I was originally planning on doing a Breakfast at Tiffany's style dress with this fabric, but the more I thought about it, them more I really wanted to do something else a little more modern to play off of the hip, edgy houndstooth.

Here is a little more Summer Soiree love, mixed with some Jennifer P brown zebra. That vintage grosgrain really pulls all the colors together. Love that!

If you have little ones who need something cute for a summer soiree, Check out these beauties!!

Jessica Haley of Mia Joie is an amazingly talented designer. She gets it....ya' know? Just gets it...

Oh, and if you are having your own Summer Soiree....a few weeks back I promised to share with you my prized Sangria recipe. So here it is.

Gardenhouse Herbed White Sangria:
1 bottle dry white wine
1/2 Cup herbed simple syrup {see recipe below}
1/4 Cup Orange liqueur
1 lemon
1 lime
1 cup honeydew melon balls
a few sprigs of fresh mint
a few springs of fresh tarragon

Combine all ingredients in a large glass pitcher (it looks so pretty you'll want everyone to see this one!) I usually make it in the morning so all of the ingredients can mesh. To serve, pour over ice and top with sparkling water. To make the simple syrup, in a saucepan, bring 1 cup of sugar and one cup of water to a boil, when all of the sugar is dissolved, turn off the heat and add 5 sprigs of mint and 5 springs of tarragon. Let it steep until the mixture is cool.

Sit back, relax.
Holiday. Celebrate.Soiree.Cheers.