Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Soiree.

Sewing and throwing! That's what I've been up to this week so far. Lots of sewing-- and throwing together a summer soiree for some of my PTA girls! We had lots of fun last night but it's back to work today!

A wonderful little package arrived in the mail this week. The fabulous Paula Prass sent me some goodies to play with. Her new line is called Summer Soiree and it is SO party-worthy! LOVE it!

I am planning on making another Breakfast at Tiffany's dress with the black centerpiece print and will also be doing something fun for the girls....This line has such appeal to me to be turned into some fun tween clothing....Summer Soiree goes Rocker Chic! Check out these leggings I found at Target....

I was there yesterday and bought both of these styles--hounds tooth to coordinate perfectly with Paula's fabric, a cute pair with side zips AND some leatherette ones (which are apparently not on the Target website.) So Fun! The girls are going to love them.
Now off to rock in the Gardenhouse!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Beautiful blogging friends.

I have lots of beautiful blogging friends who inspire me everyday. I could go on and on with the list....just check out my sidebar over there.
Jona is the brain and brawn behind fabritopia and her fabulous blog, Stop Staring, Start Sewing which I think should possibly be renamed "Stop Staring Start Spray Painting." Jona has been having a blast spray painting everything she can get her hands on (apparently her cats are looking rather worried!) Actually she has her paint guy her fabulous husband) do all the work, but who can argue with that?? I wish I had a paint guy. {As evidenced by said post below, I am the painter around here...although thankfully my mom is in town this week and she has a knack for painting too.} I also will spray paint just about anything I can get my hands on. You wouldn't believe how paint can transform something! Since I am in the process of re-working Miss A's room I thought I'd share a few "before" shots. I found this really great dresser at a thrift shop for I think about $ of those hideous colored ones from about 20 years ago, very well made but that ugly speckled wood. The bones and shape are great, the color not so much! Unfortunately (or fortunately) before I could capture the full hideousness of it my mom got a hold of it and started to paint it so I hope these pics will do the ugly quotient justice....
I'll post the after shots once it is in place and accessorized for full effect!

Another absolutely beautiful and inspiring blogging friend of mine is Nancy Deweir Geaney, I have blogged about her before. She is amazing. Such a colorful gal! Sews, rides horses, models, and even makes horse manure look good! Anyway, she is having a fabulous giveaway. A quilt.

Yes, a completed quilt....done in one of Jennifer Paganelli's fabrics. So head on over there and enter to win...but please don't ruin my chances as I am not a quilter and I really want a SisBoom quilt to go on the bottom of Miss. A's bed! I am sure it would sweeten her dreams tenfold!
Back to my paint cans!


No, not the pregnancy type.....
We've had a busy week so far! Miss A has been waiting for a room re-do since her big sis got one in the fall! I have been promising and promising but couldn't fully commit until I talked her out of wanting to paint her walls hot pink...I could have pulled it off but I REALLY didn't want to. So I convinced her to go with the same fabulous blue as her sis. I showed her numerous rooms with pink accents and blue walls and asked "is this a pink room?" She answered yes every time... Fell right into it there! Great job on my part. She is so excited to see the finished too! I'm now trying to gather my manic brain to decide which fabrics to use.
Oh my! Why are there so many fabulous fabric?? Please someone help me!! I pulled all of these from my stash, along with a Corona (hot today...about 100.)

And then found all of these here
What is a girl to do with so many options??? Clearly I have a problem. It just snowballs, ladies!

And speaking of nesting. Look what moved in!
This poor mama bird! While we were in Colorado she found what she thought was a quiet spot in a tin wall pocket(literally right next to my studio door) We returned home to one egg, then two and three. Now I have a hard time sneaking in and out of the studio because I don't want to disturb her. I hope the eggs hatch. We've had birds make nests on our porch and then abandon them. Anyone know about how long until eggs hatch??

What have you been doing to feather your nest? I'd love to hear all about it!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mother Nature

This is the view from her family room.

and the garden she grows.
Well, it was at least the one she planted....from seed.....months and months ago, I can only imagine what it looks like now. You should see her garden, I kid you not she could feed an army, and she probably will! I had an orchid that had gi-normous flowers on it for over three months....which is not at all typical of my mom was visiting when I bought it and I think she must have whispered sweet nothings to it! That's what she does.

She is the type of person that only makes your life better....everyone who knows her, even those who don't know her very well can sense that. She is the MOST compassionate person I know, and her friends will agree. She does things for people that most others don't think of doing. My dad says "it's in her nature." I agree. Those things she does for the girls that I just wont do (like running back in the house when the decide they want to change their shoes when already seat-belted in...)"it's in her nature" It is......And I am so thankful for that.

She is the reason I am a good mom, the person I get my patience, compassion and calm from.....and the reason I started sewing at such a young age....thanks for that!! Her experiences in life have enriched my life 100fold. I love you mom. You are the best person, mom and nana that I know. Happy birthday!



Thursday, July 16, 2009

Carry On...Make it work...Holla at ya boy

The girls finished their Project Runway camp with a fashion show today. The designing was done a kid level with lots of pins, tape, pom poms, and pipe cleaners . Wow, did they have a blast. They showed three pieces, each line having a runway show of it's own...... Garbage bag couture, accessories and wedding dresses (fashioned from shower curtains!) At the end of the show, the camp director could not say enough about Miss O and Miss A and their "eye" for design and shape. I guess all that watching Project Runway and What Not to Wear has paid off! Never mind our most recent family show "Say Yes to the Dress." Love that! The girls sit and sketch wedding dresses while we watch. They love, I love it. Good family fun!

And speaking of Project Runway, do you guys know I am obsessed with Tim Gunn? I love him. He is the epitome of style~ classic and polished. And the way he talks....could you not listen to it all day??

"Carry on", "make it work," and do you remember "Holla at ya boy" poor Tim had not a clue about that one! I am SO looking forward to the return of Project Runway August 20th on Lifetime. That would be 5 days before the season premiere of The Rachael Zoe Project. Don't even get me started on that one!! I know, she is way too skinny, wears too much makeup and lives on Starbucks but, have you noticed the vintage jewelry, fabulous shoes and studio full of one of a kind couture dresses. Her style is unmistakable and I love it. Have you seen her pick lists on PiperLime? She also includes affordable style as well. Oh and apparently, she is coming out with full-range clothing line that won’t break the bank. As she would say, "I die." Can't wait!

Holla at ya boy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One Booth Two Bags and Busy

I'm busy busy so this post will be heavy on pictures, light on words (so unusual for me to be light on words!!) A few pics of baubles that will be showing up on bags soon. I picked up ALL of these at ONE booth at my favorite local flea market. That never happens! So it was a quick trip, which I love!! Big impact for a small time output!
Even a few cute ones for the girls

And a vintage perfume bottle necklace that I could not leave without!

A sneak peek of a couple of new bags for the shop, listed and ready to go!

Busy, Busy!


Friday, July 10, 2009


I think I am becoming beach obsessed.

The agenda today:
{Throw all "to do" lists out the window and head to the beach.}

Today we spent the day with friends at Paradise Cove. Yes, it is paradise! It is a private beach in Malibu. Fronted by the fabulous Pacific Ocean and backed by the gorgeous hills of Malibu. This was our first time in Malibu...that is a travesty! We have lived in SoCal for too long to have not gone to Malibu. The canyons and hills are amazing, and then they end at the most beautiful beaches. It is fabulous. So beautiful! Many tv shows and movies have been filmed on this beach, including Baywatch! And the lifeguards do wear red shorts (just like those Baywatch guys!) My girlfriend and I got a kick out of watching the lifeguards take shifts surfing and life guarding. What a life these guys have! The waves were HUGE and the surfing impressive. I think only the really good guys can surf these waves. We saw very few wipe outs...most of them actually finished their ride by launching themselves off of the top wave and diving off of their board into the graceful and amazing!

The kids had a great time digging holes, making sand castles and playing in the waves.

And if you are ever in the area, and on the beaches, I bet you'll spot me pretty easily...I think the only thing missing from this picture is a Venti iced non-fat latte.

So yeah, about that pattern I said I would finish this week... well I still have the weekend right?? Or at least Saturday...since we'll be heading back to the beach for a bike ride on Sunday ;)

Surf's Up!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

sixthreezero Couture and weekend plans.

Due to some crazy airport circumstances this past weekend, we had about an hour and a half between the time we landed at LAX and our luggage arriving at LAX. So, to kill some time, we decided to head to Venice Beach for coffee and a walk on the beach. It was lovely to stretch our legs and breathe in the warm California sun. Venice is such a colorful beach and is in the middle of the beach bike path that runs from Santa Monica 8 miles south. On our walk I realized this...beach cruisers make me smile. There is nothing more "Southern California" that these colorful bicycles. I have not been able to stop thinking about them all week. So classic, vintage and modern at the same time.....I am obsessed with them!!! Apparently they come in couture lines too. Really, yes really. Feast your eyes on this. The sixthreezeroCouture bike found here

It is a couture bike.....mmmm-hm.. you should see all the colors this beauty comes in! What could be better?? Oh yes, riding it wearing this

Baroque And Roll fedora, along with cutoff jean shorts and white v-neck tissue tee. {visualize, visualize!} It is available here from the most talented Deanna DiBene. She makes and sells the most amazing hats and accessories! Vintage with modern twist.... right up my alley. Gosh, I could rock this hat on my trip to France too! So tempting!

I think this weekend we'll be heading to Santa Monica to rent bikes and live out the quintessential Southern California dream..... beach cruisin'!

Gotta cruise.



Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting there.

I have finally loaded some new dresses and a few bags into the shop! It feels good to be back creating from scratch, it's very energizing and freeing to be getting all of these ideas that clog up the brain out! I have been running around the studio grabbing fabrics like a mad scientist! Now I have piles of fabric combos around the studio...just waiting to be cut and made into bags. My fingers are tickling as we speak! Head on over to the shop to catch a few great deals on dresses and a new clutch or's a sneak peek.

I am working on that commitment of having the shop fully stocked with new goods within the next two weeks. I'm getting there!

Back to work!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sensory Overload at the Cherry Creek Art Festival

We spent the morning of July 4th wandering around the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Cherry Creek, Colorado. Have you ever gone to an art festival that has lots of just ok stuff...maybe every 4th booth has something great?? Oh My Gosh! That is so NOT this art festival. There was booth after booth oozing talent! Textile art, metal working, water color, mixed media, all of it was stunning. I loved every minute of it and thought I would share some of the love.

Leah Evans is a textile artist based in Madison, Wisconsin. Her quilts are far from traditional and are often inspired by maps. I loved her booth. Drool worthy!

A booth full of these amazing birds, all hand painted and collaged together with vintage bits-and-bobs....fabulous! I wish I had more info on these but I don't. Sorry!

A piece by Chris Bruno, a mixed media artist out of Lexington, VA. You can see some of this work here. His pieces are amazing. This one spoke to me (for obvious reasons) but he had many pieces featuring houses that were truly wonderful. All of his work was lovely.

Balloon art for the girls! Ladybugs and butterflies and swans came home with us. The silver pond made for the swan flew out of the car window by accident as we were driving all over Denver trying to find sparklers (apparently they are not legal there-- neither inside nor out of the city limits!) We won't talk about the repercussions of that!

This fabulous piece is from Relics Reborn out of Placerville, California. Amazing work, every piece in the booth was wonderful! All re-purposed furniture and vintage architectural elements reworked. What's not to love?? And funny enough, Jim lives about 20 minutes away from my parents in Northern California. I will definitely be visiting their studio next time I am at my parents place.

Sensory overload all morning. It was wonderful. Maybe next year I'll have my own booth there....although I'm not sure I could hang with such talent!
We are home now and I am dying to get back to work. I have big plans to stock the store with all new pieces within the next two weeks as well as finishing my first pattern this week, yes, this week. Hold me to it will you!
Hope you enjoyed the art festival with me!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rocky Mountain Love

We're having a fantastic time hanging out with Brian's family in Denver. We have a brand new niece and another one who is two. I am LOVING up both of them. So many lovely little fingers and toes and fun times.

Auntie Simone didn't show up empty handed of course! Here are a few of the goodies I arrived with.

We are so fortunate to have a family that really gets along so perfectly...I often joke that I married Brian for his sister. She is unbelievable, two peas in a pod, the two of us. I just wish they would move to Southern California so we could open up a fabulous boutique together!! Someday....
Have a happy 4th!