Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hats off.

I have had the best time this week sewing up a storm. Among the loads and loads of clutches and bucket bags (which will be loaded into the shop this weekend) I have also been indulging in hats.

Knit hats, with lots of fun, little pretties on them! I tell you I am obsessed with making these little suckers. I made over a dozen of them!! Imagine my brain just roaming the studio-- stacks of vintage velvet, buttons, wool swatches...all sorts of eye candy to use as embellishment! I just couldn't get enough! It's lumberjack chic taken to a whole new level. Let's pair one up with this jacket....
and this top.......

Or a lush velvet jacket-- like this. Let's throw in some boyfriend jeans and funky ankle boot (with a touch of mountain in it) and we're ready for a night out...a cold winter night out...maybe a party at Ralph's Telluride Lodge??

Maybe a blue velvet blazer with a red and black plaid shirt (you know, the ones all over the Gap's front page) I seem to really be into the contrast of rugged and sleek lately....go figure when vintage and modern are my go to! I love that that passive aggressive? ha ha ha!

And speaking of hats...hat's off to my favorite person behind a camera lens! Here are a few shots of of family photo shoot that Shannon did while our family was in town..

She always posts a sneak peek on her blog, our full gallery will be ready soon and I CANNOT WAIT. She really is a genius. Some people are just meant to do what they know what I mean.... Shannon is meant to take pictures. It is IN her. You can see the rest of her blog post on our family here....please, try not to drool over my gorgeous nieces (even the one who stays up late coloring the pillowcases! She is so darn cute and I'd say she is my favorite, but I just couldn't get enough of either of them!)
Hat's off to family.


Marnie said...

What a beautiful family you have! I am sure you will forever cherish these pictures. Pure happiness! Marnie

Sweet Baby Jamie said...

Love the hats!!! Oh, they are fabulous :) Your family pics are lovely too :)