Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Paris. Inspired.

I am back! With beautiful flowers, 22 hours of door to door travel time under my belt and one eye open-- I'm comin' at ya live! Or maybe half live....but believe me, I am not complaining a bit! The trip was worth every ounce of jet lag. Paris could not be any more beautiful- it is a treasure trove of inspiration. Simply walking down the street filled my mind with wonder and amazement...the brick roads, iron work, blue doors.

The cafes and fleuriste, the gorgeous fleurs spilling out of window boxes and stunning interior details spied through windows on evening walks (yes, I was a bit of a Peeping Tom, but with all those ceiling tiles and intricate molding, can you blame me? Brian started to run when I pulled the camera out after dark!) And Paris at night is even better than Paris by day. It was beyond....just beyond.

I could ramble on for hours about my trip-- but I won't. Although I will share a few really fun highlights in the coming days, including my trip to the Paris Flea Market.

What I will say right now about this holiday is that I return completely re-energized and overly inspired! I left my computer home and purposefully had very limited access to all things electronic-- didn't even use the Internet access on my i-phone! It was so refreshing to just be there and soak it all in , to enjoy each other and our surrounding with nothing else to think about other than if we had walked far enough to work off another pastry-- the answer was always "yes," even if it had only been a few blocks! I now realize how much I needed that... Boulangerie, Baguette, Brie and Bordeaux do wonders for the soul! {And let's not forget the Macarons}

I return to pour all that gorgeous imagery into my work-- and to love up my two little beauties who seem to have grown more than a weeks worth while we were away. Tomorrow is a big day for Miss O..... I can't believe she will be nine. Where does the time go?
Bonnes choses à venir. {Good things to come.}



live a colorful life said...

Oh, those doors and windows. When I travel I come home with tons of pictures of doors and windows. LOVE them. So inspiring. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I should probably already start saving my pennies....

Sweet Baby Jamie said...

oh so jealous, but so happy for you, but oh so jealous! My dream vaca is Paris....ahhhhh so much fun!

jona said...

It looks dreamy! Thanks for sharing picture (I love the blue doors)!