Thursday, October 15, 2009


Lots to love this week. Let's start with the obvious...a new clutch.

Don't you think this will be perfect for camping?? I mean, the grey and red flannel should fit right in, no? Vintage coleman chic! Ha! Funny where I get my inspiration from. I'll list it in the shop later this evening.

Next, well fabric of course! Amy Butler has done it again! A new line called LOVE!
And I DO love! It really is the perfect name for a fabric line. I just ordered myself some Love, and I am now waiting for a package of Love in the post! I saw a few peeks of her booth from fall quilt market on flickr and I can't wait to see more. Amy said they'll be posting pics on her site soon. I can hardly wait!

And lastly, my new favorite things in the world....

Vintage porcelain quail. We have a very large bevy of quail living in our backyard {yes, it's a bevy not a flock, just it like I did} that i have become rather attached to. they spend their days running around our hill singing to one another and foraging for seeds, looking all graceful and beautiful. There is something about the curve of their body and that plume on their head that I just love. So anyway, you can imagine i just about jumped out of my skin when I found these at an antiques store last weekend. Had to have them, and can't stop looking at them! Love them!

Hope you are finding love too!


simply fabulous said...

Oh my Goodness! I love the new clutch! And the quail are perfect. Don't you just love antique shopping! I do too!!


live a colorful life said...

Going to the shop right now. Oh, please, New Clutch, don't be sold already!!!