Sunday, October 25, 2009


Time is limited this week as I am busy planning and packing for the trip I cannot stop thinking apparently my focus will be limited too. And these pumpkins are also limited.

They are a blast to make, sitting with needle and thread and just letting my creativity flow, they are loaded with vintage velvet millinery leaves {which I have been hoarding for a while!} vintage Czech glass buttons, beads, and even a few vintage jewelry pieces...LOVE! They are also rather time consuming as everything is attached by hand sewing, so these are the only two I will be making and listing. If you want one, hurry on over to the shop before they are gone!!

Now where was I?? {See,limited focus} Ah, yes. Paris, Goyard, planning, packing, and um..sewing.



Genevieve Gail said...

Have a FANTASTIC trip!!! If you go to the Louvre you must have hot chocolate across the street at Chez Angelinas- TDF! Ooh, and the Flea Market at Porte de St-Ouen if you have never been before! I think it's the last stop on one of the Metro lines... Can't wait to hear all about your trip when you get back!

Paula Prass said...

Have a glorious time, and please don't think a thing of us sad souls you have left behind! No, no. Just have fun.

Jessica Haley said...

Those are awesome! So bummed I missed one... :(

Sweet Baby Jamie said...

Love the pumpkins!!!

Hillary said...

I am loving your blog! Jealous of Paris! And your crafty style is amazing!