Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello. Goodbye.

Yep, you like that witty title? For some reason I am at a loss for words today. It is a rarity {my husband will vouch for that!} I think with the girls gone it has been so quiet around here that my brain has gone into some sort of pastoral hibernation mode....and funny enough, I think my ears are in overdrive as I am hearing sounds in nature that I have not heard before. As most of you know, my studio is a guest house just across our garden. I have had the big french doors open and have had no music or anything on, just listening to the sounds of the yard {and the sewing machine!} I am feeling really centered and at peace and I'm not complaining about it but I think I thrive in the hustle and bustle of it all-- luckily the girls will be back tomorrow to throw some chaos back into the mix...I wouldn't want to lose my moxie!

So this is what I have been working on.....
Hats! Does this one look familiar? It's a spin off from the Park City clutch. You know all good things have spin offs right? Good.

What do you think about the bow on this one? It's something a little different for me but I LOVE it!

This madness started when Genevieve Gail, fabric and jewelry designer extraordinaire, asked me to make a hat for her booth at quilt market. You can see it here on her blog. Now I have the hat bug. Which I guess is can never wear enough hats ya' know. And they work wonders for bad hair days, running the kids to school, running late, traveling, chilly mornings, sunny days... yep, pretty much everything!

This is all I'll be making for now as I am going to be concentrating on my patterns until they are done---finito! The hats will be listed in my shop tomorrow, with the exception of the one I am wearing in the photo, it's my "pattern maker" hat!

Good riddens bad hair day and bird songs, hello noise and finished patterns!



sweeter than cupcakes said...

I adore these hats! I've wanted to make one for my baby girl, but I'm not good enough at this sewing thing to take off without a pattern. Hats off to you!

Philip, Melissa, & Summer said...

Love them. Especially the second one with brown and pink with the bow. Very cute. I was just thinking of putting a hat together, but these are adorable.

Amy said...

Ohhh love the yellow/green/animal print one! Very unique!

Genevieve Gail said...

Stunning! You never cease to amaze me!

Mande said...

Love these hats! Beautiful. :)

mo said...

I don't think losing your Moxie is something you will ever need to worry about! The hats are darling. Thank you for you nice comments about my fabric- I have actually been a blog reader of yours for awhile and I would be so thrilled to see you do a bag in my fabric. I am a big fan!