Friday, October 9, 2009


Yesterday when I picked the kids up the car ended up being twice as full as when they left. My dad is a fantastic carpenter, only by hobby, last year he made the girls a gorgeous playhouse...I'll have to post pics of that sometime. Anyway this time he made the girls American Girl Doll beds. Ya' know how much doll beds from American Girl cost? It is pure insanity--so when the girls asked for them, I told them to email a photo to Papa and I am sure he could make each of them one. Sure enough, he had them waiting when they arrived. and spent some of their time up there painting them and making bedding. How fun! I wish I had some great pics to post of them, but the ones I took are terrible and alas, it is dark, so hopefully tomorrow. Gosh, all this fun chatter and no pics! What sort of blog is this anyway?? Sorry. Another addition to the car were these...

My mom has a garden like nothing you have ever seen. I have no idea what she does to get things to grow like this!! Seriously, have you ever seen a Zucchini of this size? I was talking to her today and she asked "Have you decided what you are going to make with that zucchini?" I told her I was just going to stick it under the bed in case we ever have an intruder, I'll have something to knock him out with. It is insane!! And her tomatoes are of course delish and overly abundant! So jealous!
So that is the bounty that arrived home with the girls. Along with a bounty of noise and energy! Yeah! And I am sure you are all wondering about the bounty I had offered up?? That fabulous fall pumpkin giveaway? Well, congrats Miss Mande!! You're the lucky gal! I had to resort to printing all comments out as I wasn't sure how to fairly generate numbers for those of you who got double your comments got printed twice, they all got thrown into a hat and Miss A picked the lucky winner! So, Mande shoot me your address and I'll get your pumpkin on it's way! To all the other lovely ladies....thanks for all of your sweet comments and fabulous fall commentary...especially you Miss Tracey who has fond memories of skipping college classes and running amok in a roomies Jeep! I seem to have similar ones! I really had a great time with this! I'll be doing another give away after my upcoming trip so stay tuned.

So the girls are home and I am enjoying every minute of noise. Bring it on! I should be just about over this phase by the time myself and a few other volunteers take a group of girls (15 of them) camping next weekend. Yes. me.camping. Whatever you are thinking, it is correct. I am not the best camper in the world, but this group of girls is pretty great so I'll survive. My list....Chic boots, check. Numerous hats and cute comfy sweaters to match check. Down comforter and three pillows,check. Friends wondering how the hell I will get through it, check! Whateva'! I think I"ll be just fine, I mean how bad can it be, right??

That doesn't look too bad......Shouldn't be too much to ask of the Girl Scouts, right? And this...perfect little outdoor dining spot.

Don't laugh.
I'll be ready for a good glass of cab come Sunday afternoon when we return home!
Alright, that's enough entertainment for one night!


Mande said...

The little outdoor dining spot looks fabulous. Don't you just wish that camping out could be that glamorous? Hope you all have a blast next weekend.

Simone, I am so excited about this gorgeous pumpkin! YAY! Thank you.

Alisha said...

Congrats Mande... I am so glad you won :)

Amy said...

congrats Mande!! What a great prize!

Wow, camping?? Hopefully your tent looks like the one above! :)

Mande said...

YAY! Thanks Alisha & Amy. So excited! Hope you both have a fabulous weekend.

live a colorful life said...

Lucky you, Mande! Simone: Are you going to make more pumpkins and put them in the shop?? Please????

penny patten said...

I like the story about your Mom and Dad, your little outdoor spot looks great, and I love your hats!

Torie Jayne said...

Congratulations! love the outdoor bed! Have a sweet day!

Simply Mel said...

Cannot wait to see the beds your father made for the girls! And your mom's garden sounds like heaven on Earth!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, for now I have found you and your beautiful life!