Monday, October 19, 2009

Big & Little

I made it through, and enjoyed, the weekend camping with 15 8 year old girls! That's big! Only to return home to this....a tree that was big, is now little.

This tree used to hang over our grass, weeping down with tiny blossoms that the bees loved..... so much so that you could literally hear them buzzing around the tree if you were sitting 20 feet away. Sorry bee's no more blossom here! The hubby does this about every other year and I don't why I take it personally, but I do. I am a more is more kinda' gal, I am also 100% British so when it comes to the garden, wild rambling English garden is in my blood. And I just think there is a way to trim a tree without butchering it. We do have a professional tree trimmer that comes every 18 or so months and he has even said that this is not good for the tree, but to no avail-- selective memory seems to work the same as selective hearing...who knew? I'm female, so certainly not me! So this has left me in a bit of a funk...and thinking I should counteract that minimizing with some maximizing. So a big bag it is.

This is one of my new shapes. I had a customer say she wanted a bucket shape so here is my take. A gathered bucket bag. I am loving the rust colored velvet ribbon, it really works with the rosy pink.

It's big and doesn't have selective memory...or selective hearing. A perfect replacement{no, not for the tree!} I think I'll use it to hide all the garden trimming tools in. Feeling better already! {Thanks for listening}



Amy said...

OMW I am laughing out husband does the same thing. He just "pruned" my lavendar bushes with the weed wacker. I cried.

I LOVE the bag. Love love love it. Really, your purses are so wonderful. I hope to have one very soon!

Sweet Baby Jamie said...

What is it with our husbands? I think once they get started they can't stop. Mine is always suggesting cutting down a tree or two. agghh!!! I have to watch him all the time :) Trees in AZ are a rare thing. so, I'm glad something good came out of the trimming, LOVE the bag! Too cute!