Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend comfort.

We've been at the beach in NorCal. A fabulous beach house perched up 47 steps above the gorgeous ocean and sand. NorCal beaches are much different than SoCal beaches {mostly different in that they are about 20 degrees cooler!} I should have remembered this....I spent many a weeks at Northern California beaches in elementary school~~ knocking knees, goose bumps and blue lips, but refusing to come out of the ocean with my boogie board and group of friends. Would you believe that we are at the beach this weekend with the same friends I used to boogie board with when I was 7! Now our kids are the ones on the boards! It is insane! Loads of fun. There is something so comforting about a group of friends that have know you for so many years. Yesterday was cold....very cold. So I spent a little time on the computer. I was in lounge mode and found these

I'll be lounging in them when they arrive...usually about 7 days from Anthro to front door!
And this tee shirt! The honeybee tee from Evolution Now on etsy! Love! I could easily chill in it with the pants.....or rock it out J Crew style with some really chunky pearls, a tailored jacket and slouchy boyfriend jeans. Hmmm...and shoes.....well, give me a day or two.
Now to make a matching bag!!
Home soon.

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