Saturday, August 15, 2009

Supplies and Sauce-- How to make baskets and mix drinks.

I have finished the short basket tutorial. I have made 30 of these baskets for all of the teachers at school {for a PTA function} so I'm thinking I won't be making any more in the near future....they are quick and easy {and I know will be much appreciated} but enough is enough already!
So here you to make fabric baskets.

1. Cut two pieces of fabric for the outside of the basket, 17" wide by 14" tall. Cut two 4" squares out of the bottom corners of the fabric. I find it is easier to square boxed corners when the piece is pre-cut, so this is why you are cutting out the corners. Do the same for the lining and heavy weight interfacing.

2.Iron the interfacing to the back of both the outside pieces as well as the lining pieces.

3.Place the outside pieces right sides together and sew down the sides and across the bottom. You will have this..
{note, i am not using interfacing as I had a very tight budget so chose to use duck cloth for the lining. It will be strong enough to hold the basket upright when it is full.}

4.Now make the corners by pulling the front panel away from the back panel and matching up the side seam and bottom seam. {This is boxing the corners, there is a great tutorial on it here..although you have already done the cutting} pin and sew.

5.Turn right side out. You have just made the outside of the basket!

6.Repeat the same steps with the lining but don't turn right side out when finished.

7.Place the basket lining inside the outer basket..with wrong sides together.

8. At this point there are a few ways to finish the top edge, if you have a serger and volunteered yourself to make 30 of these {yes, mama, you're talking to me!} you can use a contrasting color thread, throw some wooly nylon in there and serge around the top edge for a quick, fun, funky finish. Another option is to turn both top edges in a half inch, pin in place and top stitch 1/4 inch from the top edge. Note~~ the fabric in the next photo has change. I was speeding through these so fast that I accidentally serged the sample so had to use a different basket to show this step. The green fabric is the lining, the cream floral is the outside (would have been the peach paisley from the tutorial. hope that makes sense!)

Once you finish the top, fold down about about 2 inches and fill with goodies for school.

This is the list of items I put in
each teacher's basket...
2 boxes of tissues
baby wipes
a package of glue sticks
thank you cards
white out
pink erasers
dry erase markers
4 packs of crayons
hand lotion
bottled water
energy bar

I will say I can't take ALL the credit for making 30 baskets. I lured some friends over with my famous beer margaritas.... The recipe sounds a little crazy, but I assure you they will be some of the best Margaritas you have ever had! I mix drinks like I mix fabrics! ;)

Fizzy Frothy Beer-ritas
In a pitcher filled with ice mix
2 Corona Lites
1 container of frozen Margarita Mix. thawed.{I use Bacardi as it has the fewest calories...yes, these are diet margaritas!)
Fill the margarita mix container 2/3 full with tequila, dump that in.
Fill the container 1/3 full with triple sec, dump that in....only if you want your marg's a little on the sweeter side. You can add this to taste if you like.
I also like to add some fresh lime juice to taste.
Stir vigirously to make it a little frothy. You can also pour from the picther into a cocktail shaker and then serve extra frothy.
Salt the rim, pour over ice, sew and cut....and chat.

One note on this...if you invite a friend over who thinks it's OK to use fabric glue to put buttons back on, you should not expect that she will be able to do much more than iron and make margs. We all have our place in the world ;) We love her no less.

Adios and enjoy.



Marnie said...

OHHH I have been waiting for you to post this. I was dying to see what they looked like and of course, they are fabulous!! It is almost the same pattern as the "brown" bags I make out of fabric for my kid's lunch. (My 13 year old Mimi needs (ha, needs) a new one each day. They take no time to make and she loves having a cute fabric lunch bag to take to school. I actually just thinks she likes the attention she gets from her friends. I love this idea. Thanks for sharing and the for the tutorial. I am off to try it. We are going to a BBQ tomorrow and now I have a spectacular gift to bring! I will talk to you soon about a fall bag for ME! Marnie

simply fabulous said...

Ohh.... My Goodness! How precious are these and such a fantastic idea! I love them. Thanks for the tutorial. Love you blog and bags. I am hinting to husband for one for my b-day! :)

Kathi said...

What great gifts for the teachers. I cannot imagine making THIRTY of them!! You are insane!!!

Jen of ReannaLily Designs said...

Lovin' this!

The Wooden Spool said...

Gorgeous sewing job, Simone! Love the fabrics and the idea is fantastico! They will make for some huge smiles on teachers faces for sure!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

beautiful job girly girl.

Amy said...

I am a 4th grade teacher, and let me say, if I got one of these wonderful goody bags from the PTA, I would be over the moon!

I found your blog and designs through MiaJoie. Love love love that London bag. Emailed the etsy link to my husband as a hint! Maybe someday... :)