Monday, August 24, 2009

Gone country.

I think it must have started with those gorgeous pics Anna Maria posted on her site about that fabulous country wedding. Then a customer sent me this picture to draw inspiration.

What's not to love about the party "tent" on Ralph Lauren's Ranch just outside of Telluride, Colorado??? Look at all that color and texture...and that sky!
Inspired, it looks as though Gardenhouse has gone country! It's in the shop and ready to ride off with you.

Paired with this shirt....

Skinny Jeans and any of these boots.....

Yes, Mr. Lauren, I'd love to come to your party!

Giddy up ya'll.


The Wooden Spool said...

Hey giddyup gals....go check out the awesome sale at (extra 20% off til tonight!) I want some boots! :))

Genevieve Gail said...


Jenna said...

I love the clutch!! Cowboy boots are my favorite shoes to where I have a great pair of turquoise ones and I love them! You are so talented, you inspire me and I always look forward to reading your blog!!