Sunday, August 23, 2009

Everyone has their place.

Although these two spend most of their time on the cold tile floor inside, when it comes to a bath, their place is outside.Cooper at 180lbs loves it. Thank goodness because inside is just NOT an option for bath time.

Higgins, well, not so much!

Talulah Bean Howell, loving called Beans.... she rules the roost at 8lbs and either goes to the groomers or gets a warm bath in the master tub.

She also gets a new handmade collar and leash. This was SO easy to make, contact me if you're interested in some quick directions.

Sorry Big Boys, but we all have our place in the world.
Mine?? Naturally......

Back to my place to make two jumbo sized collars.


live a colorful life said...

I just love your work so much!!!! I found you through Paula Prass's blog because I fell in love with the dress that her granddaughter was wearing. I'm using Summer Soiree fabric along with the first pattern I published to make a quilt for Fabricworm's store. This is what I love about blogging--you get to network and get inspiration at the same time.

Jennifer said...

I knew you had dogs..cause my favorite people have these guys..tell me their origin cause I'm in love.

Kathi said...

Very pretty leash!

Jenna said...

I love your dogs!! I also have a little one the rules the house. I would love directions on the collar Thank you!!

Jackie Russell said...

I'm glad to see the Big boys will be getting a new collar too. Love the leash!