Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Buzz

So I promised a bag to go with this shirt....the fabulous honeybee shirt that is on it's way to me. Here ya go.

Day bag.....{because we have to have options, ya know!!?!}

The brooch has the most fabulous tassel elements hanging off the bottom edge... I think it would be amazing paired with this Banana Republic bracelet. And it's only $'s a steal, ladies! I was in BR a few days ago and had to laugh as they also have a necklace to match this. Last year at one of my local flea markets, I picked up the vintage Sarah Coventry necklace that I am sure both the necklace and bracelet was based on. I'll be on the look out for the Sarah Coventry bracelet next weekend when I'm at my favorite flea market. Can't wait!

And the night time bag...

Paired with a J Crew pencil skirt and some sort of fabulous necklace...maybe the over sized pearl one my mother in law {who is, by the way, fabulous, amazing, and wonderful} gave to me this summer.....oh I should photo that...maybe when the shirt arrives.
The girls are heading back to school soon and I have a million sewing projects I want to get done for them. I mean, what self respecting designer sends their kids to school in store bought clothes?? Oh, yeah...the one whose almost 9 year old daughter wants to wear nothing but skinny jean and Hollister shirts. Oh. my. gosh! How is Miss O almost 9?? I. am. not. old. enough. to. have. a. nine. year. old. Thank goodness I started when I was 20 {that would make me about 29 right?? ;) ha.
I am still working on lots of projects-- including my first tutorial! I took on the job of hospitality for PTA this year so I'm working on fabric baskets full of school supplies for the staff. I'll be posting a tute' soon on how to make them. It'll include a recipe for margaritas that will lure friends from all over town to help! Stay tuned and gather limes!


Kathi said...

Wish you had been with the PTA at one of the schools where I have worked in the past or where I am now!! Pens and pencils from local businesses were the typical welcome back gift!
Your new bags look great!

Jessica Haley said...

Hi, Simone.

I love your blog and your shop--both have a very consistent punchy/coloful/whimsical feel. I really love your blog design! I've actually been thinking my peripheral blog stuff needs a major overhall, and I love what you have going on here!