Wednesday, July 8, 2009

sixthreezero Couture and weekend plans.

Due to some crazy airport circumstances this past weekend, we had about an hour and a half between the time we landed at LAX and our luggage arriving at LAX. So, to kill some time, we decided to head to Venice Beach for coffee and a walk on the beach. It was lovely to stretch our legs and breathe in the warm California sun. Venice is such a colorful beach and is in the middle of the beach bike path that runs from Santa Monica 8 miles south. On our walk I realized this...beach cruisers make me smile. There is nothing more "Southern California" that these colorful bicycles. I have not been able to stop thinking about them all week. So classic, vintage and modern at the same time.....I am obsessed with them!!! Apparently they come in couture lines too. Really, yes really. Feast your eyes on this. The sixthreezeroCouture bike found here

It is a couture bike.....mmmm-hm.. you should see all the colors this beauty comes in! What could be better?? Oh yes, riding it wearing this

Baroque And Roll fedora, along with cutoff jean shorts and white v-neck tissue tee. {visualize, visualize!} It is available here from the most talented Deanna DiBene. She makes and sells the most amazing hats and accessories! Vintage with modern twist.... right up my alley. Gosh, I could rock this hat on my trip to France too! So tempting!

I think this weekend we'll be heading to Santa Monica to rent bikes and live out the quintessential Southern California dream..... beach cruisin'!

Gotta cruise.



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The Wooden Spool said...

ohhhh what fun....wish we could join you....we are a biking hubby ordered he and i a fun tandem that is coming soon. We have a trailer tandem that is attached to our longgggg bike train. fun times. love the hat. go for it!
take care,