Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sensory Overload at the Cherry Creek Art Festival

We spent the morning of July 4th wandering around the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Cherry Creek, Colorado. Have you ever gone to an art festival that has lots of just ok stuff...maybe every 4th booth has something great?? Oh My Gosh! That is so NOT this art festival. There was booth after booth oozing talent! Textile art, metal working, water color, mixed media, all of it was stunning. I loved every minute of it and thought I would share some of the love.

Leah Evans is a textile artist based in Madison, Wisconsin. Her quilts are far from traditional and are often inspired by maps. I loved her booth. Drool worthy!

A booth full of these amazing birds, all hand painted and collaged together with vintage bits-and-bobs....fabulous! I wish I had more info on these but I don't. Sorry!

A piece by Chris Bruno, a mixed media artist out of Lexington, VA. You can see some of this work here. His pieces are amazing. This one spoke to me (for obvious reasons) but he had many pieces featuring houses that were truly wonderful. All of his work was lovely.

Balloon art for the girls! Ladybugs and butterflies and swans came home with us. The silver pond made for the swan flew out of the car window by accident as we were driving all over Denver trying to find sparklers (apparently they are not legal there-- neither inside nor out of the city limits!) We won't talk about the repercussions of that!

This fabulous piece is from Relics Reborn out of Placerville, California. Amazing work, every piece in the booth was wonderful! All re-purposed furniture and vintage architectural elements reworked. What's not to love?? And funny enough, Jim lives about 20 minutes away from my parents in Northern California. I will definitely be visiting their studio next time I am at my parents place.

Sensory overload all morning. It was wonderful. Maybe next year I'll have my own booth there....although I'm not sure I could hang with such talent!
We are home now and I am dying to get back to work. I have big plans to stock the store with all new pieces within the next two weeks as well as finishing my first pattern this week, yes, this week. Hold me to it will you!
Hope you enjoyed the art festival with me!


Priscilla Mae et al said...

Great blog and I love your purses.

The Wooden Spool said...

what a fun art festival....those birds look similar to the ones at Anthropologie. The quilt art that look like maps are outta this world amazing. I could have a wall collage full of these! .... the baby outfits you made our so stinkin cccute.
happy day,

Richard Anthony said...

thx so much for your kind blog of CCAF!