Friday, July 10, 2009


I think I am becoming beach obsessed.

The agenda today:
{Throw all "to do" lists out the window and head to the beach.}

Today we spent the day with friends at Paradise Cove. Yes, it is paradise! It is a private beach in Malibu. Fronted by the fabulous Pacific Ocean and backed by the gorgeous hills of Malibu. This was our first time in Malibu...that is a travesty! We have lived in SoCal for too long to have not gone to Malibu. The canyons and hills are amazing, and then they end at the most beautiful beaches. It is fabulous. So beautiful! Many tv shows and movies have been filmed on this beach, including Baywatch! And the lifeguards do wear red shorts (just like those Baywatch guys!) My girlfriend and I got a kick out of watching the lifeguards take shifts surfing and life guarding. What a life these guys have! The waves were HUGE and the surfing impressive. I think only the really good guys can surf these waves. We saw very few wipe outs...most of them actually finished their ride by launching themselves off of the top wave and diving off of their board into the graceful and amazing!

The kids had a great time digging holes, making sand castles and playing in the waves.

And if you are ever in the area, and on the beaches, I bet you'll spot me pretty easily...I think the only thing missing from this picture is a Venti iced non-fat latte.

So yeah, about that pattern I said I would finish this week... well I still have the weekend right?? Or at least Saturday...since we'll be heading back to the beach for a bike ride on Sunday ;)

Surf's Up!


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Jennifer Paganelli said...

I love whenever you come by ....and I love your new additions to etsy and your daughter looks so beautiful in that dress at the are a marvel and love having you in my life.