Friday, July 24, 2009


No, not the pregnancy type.....
We've had a busy week so far! Miss A has been waiting for a room re-do since her big sis got one in the fall! I have been promising and promising but couldn't fully commit until I talked her out of wanting to paint her walls hot pink...I could have pulled it off but I REALLY didn't want to. So I convinced her to go with the same fabulous blue as her sis. I showed her numerous rooms with pink accents and blue walls and asked "is this a pink room?" She answered yes every time... Fell right into it there! Great job on my part. She is so excited to see the finished too! I'm now trying to gather my manic brain to decide which fabrics to use.
Oh my! Why are there so many fabulous fabric?? Please someone help me!! I pulled all of these from my stash, along with a Corona (hot today...about 100.)

And then found all of these here
What is a girl to do with so many options??? Clearly I have a problem. It just snowballs, ladies!

And speaking of nesting. Look what moved in!
This poor mama bird! While we were in Colorado she found what she thought was a quiet spot in a tin wall pocket(literally right next to my studio door) We returned home to one egg, then two and three. Now I have a hard time sneaking in and out of the studio because I don't want to disturb her. I hope the eggs hatch. We've had birds make nests on our porch and then abandon them. Anyone know about how long until eggs hatch??

What have you been doing to feather your nest? I'd love to hear all about it!

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lynn said...

Oh, please share what your blue paint color is. 13 year old daughter's room is lime green! Can't stand it any longer. I'm trying to convince her of a soothing, neutral blue to add color upon color to.