Thursday, July 16, 2009

Carry On...Make it work...Holla at ya boy

The girls finished their Project Runway camp with a fashion show today. The designing was done a kid level with lots of pins, tape, pom poms, and pipe cleaners . Wow, did they have a blast. They showed three pieces, each line having a runway show of it's own...... Garbage bag couture, accessories and wedding dresses (fashioned from shower curtains!) At the end of the show, the camp director could not say enough about Miss O and Miss A and their "eye" for design and shape. I guess all that watching Project Runway and What Not to Wear has paid off! Never mind our most recent family show "Say Yes to the Dress." Love that! The girls sit and sketch wedding dresses while we watch. They love, I love it. Good family fun!

And speaking of Project Runway, do you guys know I am obsessed with Tim Gunn? I love him. He is the epitome of style~ classic and polished. And the way he talks....could you not listen to it all day??

"Carry on", "make it work," and do you remember "Holla at ya boy" poor Tim had not a clue about that one! I am SO looking forward to the return of Project Runway August 20th on Lifetime. That would be 5 days before the season premiere of The Rachael Zoe Project. Don't even get me started on that one!! I know, she is way too skinny, wears too much makeup and lives on Starbucks but, have you noticed the vintage jewelry, fabulous shoes and studio full of one of a kind couture dresses. Her style is unmistakable and I love it. Have you seen her pick lists on PiperLime? She also includes affordable style as well. Oh and apparently, she is coming out with full-range clothing line that won’t break the bank. As she would say, "I die." Can't wait!

Holla at ya boy!

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Jennifer said...

love this Simone..made me smile...!