Friday, July 24, 2009

Beautiful blogging friends.

I have lots of beautiful blogging friends who inspire me everyday. I could go on and on with the list....just check out my sidebar over there.
Jona is the brain and brawn behind fabritopia and her fabulous blog, Stop Staring, Start Sewing which I think should possibly be renamed "Stop Staring Start Spray Painting." Jona has been having a blast spray painting everything she can get her hands on (apparently her cats are looking rather worried!) Actually she has her paint guy her fabulous husband) do all the work, but who can argue with that?? I wish I had a paint guy. {As evidenced by said post below, I am the painter around here...although thankfully my mom is in town this week and she has a knack for painting too.} I also will spray paint just about anything I can get my hands on. You wouldn't believe how paint can transform something! Since I am in the process of re-working Miss A's room I thought I'd share a few "before" shots. I found this really great dresser at a thrift shop for I think about $ of those hideous colored ones from about 20 years ago, very well made but that ugly speckled wood. The bones and shape are great, the color not so much! Unfortunately (or fortunately) before I could capture the full hideousness of it my mom got a hold of it and started to paint it so I hope these pics will do the ugly quotient justice....
I'll post the after shots once it is in place and accessorized for full effect!

Another absolutely beautiful and inspiring blogging friend of mine is Nancy Deweir Geaney, I have blogged about her before. She is amazing. Such a colorful gal! Sews, rides horses, models, and even makes horse manure look good! Anyway, she is having a fabulous giveaway. A quilt.

Yes, a completed quilt....done in one of Jennifer Paganelli's fabrics. So head on over there and enter to win...but please don't ruin my chances as I am not a quilter and I really want a SisBoom quilt to go on the bottom of Miss. A's bed! I am sure it would sweeten her dreams tenfold!
Back to my paint cans!


Marnie said...

Simone, I have been away from my computer for a day or two...too busy PAINTING my house too. My husband just left to pick up the kids, the house is quiet and my computer sits in the middle of my half painted office/sewing room. I decided to break away from my brush and indulge myself in my other favorite passion, reading all these amazing blogs! I laughed when I saw that you too were in the middle of painting. Just last night I finished my 13 year old's room. She wanted Tiffany Blue and brown. I tried with all I had to have her keep her pale pink, but she refused. She did agree to let me make her bedding. So where else did I turn, but to Jennifer Paganelli. I am making a duvet cover, because I don't quilt either. I am also making her the most amazing (I hope) memory board. All with JP's fabrics (mostly pink of course!). You see I am pink obsessed, pale pink, not hot pink. I am painting my office Graphite from Restoration Hardware, as I think it will go nicely with all my pink fabrics hanging on the wall. Good luck in your painting and I can't wait to see all the finished products! Have a great time with your Mom. Back to painting the crew will be arriving soon and I have to look like I made some progress!! Marnie

jona said...

ROFL!!! That's it! I'm changing my blog name (just as soon as I'm done with my current spray painting project)! Thanks Simone! :D