Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Yesterday the girls and I went to Michael Levine in the city. I love going there....they have everything and are in the heart of the fabric district. It is the biggest most wonderful fabric store ever. And it has an almost raw feeling to it. It's not a quilt store or your standard fabric store, it has a lofty warehouse feel to it. All work, no play. (Although, really, lots of play!)

Picked up some spiffies and ran home to finish a few orders. I am finally caught up! I can't believe it! I still have more to do but am feeling like I am back to my comfortable delivery time. I do quote 7-10 days to make custom bags or made to order items but I hate to take that long.... It stresses me out! Plus, I hate waiting that long for things I buy and don't think others should have to wait either.
Since I'm feeling so good about being caught up I think it might be time to do a little spring cleaning this weekend....oh wait, it's summer....summer cleaning. One thing you should know about me is that I hate cleaning. Despise it. I like things to be clean, but it always works better if someone else can clean it rather than myself. Join the club, right? I don't know why this is...maybe because I feel like I already pick up and straighten and neaten through out the days so scrubbing and dusting is just the straw that breaks the camels back. It really does get me in a bad mood. Until I discovered this!!

The best smelling cleaning products know to woman....or man (if you know any that clean, and I'm not talking "do the dishes" clean. I mean "clean the toilets and scrub the tub" clean). It's like aromatherapy while you are cleaning the kitchen. No joke. Today I am a cleaning fool! A happy cleaning fool! Calm, aromatherapied cleaning fool. Which is a miracle, because cleaning usually puts me in a bad mood. (It should wear off by Tuesday which is when the cleaning gal comes so that's just fine!) So go get your self some Mrs. Meyers Clean Day. Just a tidbit for a happier, cleaner, more relaxed you!
While I was out shopping for aromatherapy cleaning products I somehow managed to pick up a few new pairs of shoes.....the shoe store was right next door and I did drive all the way across town, so I figured I'd save some money in gas and go in, since I was already there, ya know. And cleaning is always more fun in new shoes anyway!

I love good workmanship. And both Sam Edelman and Max Studio has that. Checkout the soles of these shoes...if you get lost in New York, you better hope you're wearing these babies. I am planning ahead for our New york trip, yes, I am . And that little gold buckle. LOVE! Tapping into my chic modern JCrew nerve. They have some fabulous jewelry that I am eyeing to go with these shoes.

Miss A loves the camera and when I am taking photos, she likes to try to get in them...even if it is just a finger or toe. So when I was taking these pics, she was sitting on a chair putting her feet on the trunk that the shoes were on. I looked up and the light was perfect! So here is Miss A today, with her bed head. Isn't she lovely?? She is good workmanship too!

Tomorrow will be back to the Gardenhouse for more of this..... Dresses, bags and and vintage buttons to boot!

It's been a busy few days!
Hope you have a wonderful today and an even better tomorrow.



Nancy said...

Mrs. Meyers ironing mist is the best! I do a lot of ironing for my quilting, and it really makes me whistle while I work!

Kathi said...

LOVE the shoes!! Dress and bag are also fabulous! Miss A is lovely!