Monday, June 15, 2009

Coffee Talk and Fabric Shopping

I have been M.I.A with the girls. We took a long weekend trip up to Northern California to visit family. It was fabulous. While I was there, I was lucky enough to squeeze in a visit with the most talented Bari J. She is just the sweetest and most open and inspiring gal. I "borrowed" this pic of her booth at market from her blog...thanks Bari! I got a sneak peek of her next line, which is going to be just as fabulous as her first one....extremely versatile and different from everything else. Our fabric talk landed us at Quilters Inn, her favorite fabric shop in Danville, CA. WOW, I must say, that's not your Mama's quilt shop! Chock full of amazing fabrics, and the MOST inspiring quilts. You really wouldn't believe the work these ladies do. This is where Bari perfected her collage style and techniques. I wish I had some pics to share with you but I left the camera sitting on my brothers counter. Uh!

So now I am home to a pile of orders and fresh inspiration. And I'm itching to get some new stuff in the shop so head on over there and buy up what is left of the made to order bags, once they are gone, they are gone. Stay tuned this week, I'll be posting lots of lucious pics of the new goods.

Oh and one more thing, there are some really drool-worth posts on some of my fabric designer friends blogs this week. Jennifer Paganelli had her spring shop. Seriously ya'll...can she just adopt me. I need to move next door to her or something (although I think I would end up being that pesky neighbor who never leaves)....all that fabric, pillows, quilts, dresses, AND saddle pads with pink pom pom fringe...go check it out. DELISH! Enjoy. Oh, and if you'd like one of those fabulous saddle pads, contact Nancy here (Nancy Deweir Geaney makes these AND she used to be a super model...talented and beautiful... yep, really.)

Off to the Gardenhouse....on my pony with the cute saddle pad.



Cathy said...

I saw those cute saddle pads up close this weekend....aren't they so happy? Enjoy your pony!!! ;)

sophities said...

I would love to have you as a neighbor are you kidding???? The creativity would be nonstop.

Nancy said...

You can move in with me Simone! We are about 2 miles from the Paganellis and our tipi is vacant at the moment... anytime, just give me a holla!

Paula Prass said...

I can just imagine how much fun you and Bari had. Your posts are so energizing!

The Wooden Spool said...

simone! you will have to knock on my door next time you are visiting miss bari............i am down the road! (literally) would love to meet you and your darling girls...our girls would hit it off great...same ages, i do believe. :) your work is soooo inspiring to me. just wanted to pop by and say hello, and have a happy summer.
take care,

disa said...
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