Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well, here we are! Welcome to my pretty, new blog. I spent lots of time thinking about how it should look and now I have to write. I don't fancy myself a writer, but I'll get there....I will.
So what am I going to write about here on "Brooch the Subject," you ask? Hmmm, well, lots of creative shenanigans, my handbags of course, and fabric (can anyone ever get enough fabric talk?? OK, don't ask my husband or kids that question.) Brooches, fabulous vintage brooches, and maybe a bit about my early morning expeditions to find said brooches. Some fun posts about all things stylish. And some about my two favorite oh so stylish girls, Miss O and Miss A. Very sassy, both of them! Their dad is pretty great too! So all of the usual chaos that runs my life and that I love! I am also planning on some fun, crafty, fabric based tutorials at some point, like when I find another four waking hours in each day-- but I'll find those four hours and we'll have some fun!
So plan on all of that, all of it, and probably more too. I hope you're looking forward to it because I know I am!



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