Friday, May 22, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

No, not Disneyland. Quilt market! It was almost as fantastic as our family vacation to Hawaii (don't tell my family that!) Those of you who know me, know I must have been like a kid in a candy shop!! Booth after booth of sewing schtuff! Beautiful quilts, fun patterns, fabrics, fabrics and more fabrics-- and the amazing designers behind those fabrics! I had the best time!
I spent quite a bit of time with Paula Prass and her lovely daughter Jennifer Storey at the Michael Miller "compound." I wish I had a picture of the MMF section....really bright and beautiful and cheery. All the ladies had fun aprons on and all the guys had ties to match! Anyway, Paula's booth was fantastic! The grey and black walls really allowed her beautiful, colorful new line of fabrics to pop! I know Jona ordered a bunch of Summer Soiree, so for those of you wondering where you'll be able to buy it, go here! (more about Jona later...she is a doll!) I did quite a few bags for Paula and it was amazing to be at her booth and here someone say "Are those Gardenhouse bags? They are so Gardenhouse!" Love that! Here are a few shots of Paula's booth....can you tell she is also an interior designer...she's got a knack for creating devine spaces!

I met lots of amazing fabric designers while at market (that's Paula and I above). Friday night I had a dream dinner (not the food, the company) with Paula and Jennifer, Patty Young and her husband Jon, Sandi Henderson, Jona and Joey, and a few other fun ladies and gents. I absolutely loved their company. They are all so sweet and kind--- and unbelievably talented. What could be better than having dinner with people who can talk fabric as much as i can...although we talked about lots of other things too! So unbelievably enjoyable!

My Saturday shenanigans are a whole other post...stay tuned for that!



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Jennifer Paganelli said...

love your corner of the world...Pretty blog..Jennifer